Counselling Service

“As a counsellor, what I’ve learnt over the years is what most people wants is to be believed, acknowledged and seen. It’s that simple.”

What I do is to provide such a safe, supportive and empathic space to hold and nourish that part of you who wants to be accepted, loved and seen.

My approach

My core training is Psychosynthesis Counselling and the main approach to my work is based on integrative and transpersonal psychotherapy, which means I use a holistic approach that combines multiple strongly evidenced psychological models to facilitate deep healing, transformation and long lasting change.

I have been influenced by many psychological modalities due to various previous training and personal experience, in that I draw from a range of different effective psychological models, including psychodynamics, personal-centred approach, humanistic counselling, family therapy, group analysis, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), gestalt, mindfulness, meditation and breathwork. The way I work places great emphasis on my relationship with my clients and I aim to establish a stable, trusting and supportive therapeutic alliance with my clients.

I also like to integrate some creative art approach in my work, using art and play therapy such as objects to help clients to communicate when words have become too difficult.

What I can offer…

“My job is to listen to your concerns actively and effectively, providing a warm and non-judgemental space where you can freely express and explore your thoughts and feelings, without fear of being judged.”


My aim is to offer effective counselling that empowers my clients to live a more fulfilling life and enjoy positive, life-affirming relationships with others. From my personal experience, effective counselling is like a process of planting and cultivating seedling. We all know that for a seed to germinate, grow and mature it requires a lot of attention and meticulous care. Only by providing it with suitable soil, sufficient sunlight and moisture, can this seed have the opportunity to grow into a towering tree and produce mature and delicious fruits and flowers. However, sometimes our environment is lacking these necessary nutrients, so we do not grow into what we could have been.

As a counsellor, I would like to see myself as a ‘gardener’. My job is to provide my clients with a suitable environment for growth. With proper fertilisation and nourishment , each seed can vigorously take root, sprout and thrive.

My area of expertise

I have experience in dealing with childhood and family trauma, relationship difficulties with parents and/or authority, family conflict, eating problems, self-harm and suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, self-criticism, anger issues, PTSD, obsessive thoughts and behaviours, loss of motivation, procrastination, exam stress, life transition, identity crisis, racial and cultural issues.

I am particularly interested in early childhood trauma, intergenerational family trauma, mother-child relationship, gender identity and racial issues.